Johannes Neuhardt

Es klingt der Stein [Sounding stone]

Exploring the spiritual heart of Salzburg with Jürgen Flimm, Friedrich Kurrent, Olga Neuwirth, Hans Schabus, Heinrich Schmidinger and Peter Simonischek Where Nature turns into more...

Categories: History  | Religion & Philosophy 

Europa neu denken [Rethinking Europe]

Regions as Resources

Publisher: Michael Fischer, Johannes Hahn

Europe – what is it? If we are to rethink Europe, we first have to decide which Europe we want. The future does not simply happen by itself, without our involvement. It can more...

Categories: History  | Religion & Philosophy 

Europa neu denken II [Rethinking Europe II]

A history of the mentality of the Adria – Curiosity and Conflict as a Trade Secret

Publisher: Johannes Hahn, Michael Fischer

Creative regions – Europe’s strength At the opening event of “Rethinking Europe” in Trieste in 2012 the relationship between region, innovation and culturality was more...

Categories: History  | Religion & Philosophy 

Europa neu denken III [Rethinking Europe]

The other side(s) of the sea

Publisher: Ilse Fischer, Johannes Hahn

After the symposia in Trieste and Piran, the conference in Dubrovnik was the first to be dedicated to Professor Michael Fischer, founder of this series. Consideration of the more...

Categories: History  | Religion & Philosophy 

Filme malen [Painting films]

Eduard Paryzek – Viennese poster-painter

Publisher: Peter Payer

Vienna after 1945: colourful film posters relieve the monotonous grey of a city reduced to ruins and rubble. More and more of these huge announcements kept appearing on hoardings more...

Categories: History  | Austria 

Freisaal [Freisaal]

The castle as a mirror of history

Publisher: Ronald Gobiet

It was the newly-restored 16th-century wall frescos in the main hall of Freisaal castle that prompted a team of academics to make a detailed study of this water castle in the south more...

Categories: Architecture  | History  | Austria