Josef Schöchl

Lebensmittelgeschichten [Food stories]

Tasty · fascinating · curious

Josef Schöchl has compiled culinary legends, curious facts and and interesting details surrounding the food we eat every day. We may already know that Russian tea comes from China more...

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Rita Kichler, Helmut Reiner

Roggen und Schwarzbrot [Rye and black bread]

grow • mill • bake • enjoy

There's an art to bread-baking. Who can resist the delicious aroma of warm rye bread? In gourmet culture, rye – the basic ingredient of farmhouse and black bread – is more...

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Gerhard Ammerer, Harald Waitzbauer

Sternbräu [Sternbräu]

The history of an old-established Salzburg inn and brewery

The "Stern" [star] in Salzburg. In the middle of Salzburg's Old Town stands the extensive restaurant complex of the Sternbräu. One of the town's oldest catering institutions, more...

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Ernst Kaufmann, Günther Haderer

Sündig Süß [Sinfully sweet]

Secrets from Monastery Kitchens

In monasteries and abbeys, life has always had its sweet side – just like the cuisine. Fasting rules were often circumvented in the most ingenious ways. This book does not more...

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Irmgard Wöhrl

The Trapp Cookbook [The Trapp Cookbook]

Original recipes from the family kitchen Imagine the delicious aromas that must have wafted from the kitchen when Johanna Raudaschl cooked for the Trapp family. The finest more...

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Inge Waltl

wild & köstlich [wild & delicious]

Delicious dishes with wild plants

You just can't get rid of weeds... ... so rather than throwing up your hands in despair, learn to make use of them. Your own garden, meadows or forests – everywhere you can more...

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