Winfried Nerdinger, Inez Florschütz

Architektur der Wunderkinder [Architecture by the young prodigies]

Radical change and repression in Bavaria, 1945-1960

The title alludes to the satirical film Wir Wunderkinder [Aren't We wonderful?] (Germany, 1958), which deals with the fundamental dichotomy within post-war Germany, invoking more...

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Atelier Gespräche [Studio conversations]

Publisher: Sabine Coelsch-Foisner

The "Studio Conversations" are public events held by the University in the glass-roofed inner courtyard of the KunstQuartier [arts centre]. They have achieved special status in more...

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Clemens M. Hutter

Augen auf! [Open your Eyes!]

A Guide for Curious People

Letting your eyes take a walk. Castles, churches, posters, new buildings or structures – these are readily perceived. The hasty glance also takes in numerous small objects, more...

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Upper Austrian Culture Prize for Architecture

Publisher: afo architekturforum oberösterreich, Direktion Kultur des Landes Oberösterreich

Landscape portrait – portrait landscape In order to recognise achievements in building culture in the range of disciplines, Upper Austria first awarded a culture prize for more...

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Thomas Winkler

Austria’s finest City Squares [Austria’s finest City Squares]

The city's living-room. As ever, it is in the central square that a city's heart beats. In the Middle Ages, the market held here was the nucleus and the mainspring for the more...

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Gerhard Wasshuber

Blumen einst und jetzt [Flowers then and now]

Heiligenkreuz Abbey library– Vienna Woods Biosphere Park

Working tirelessly for ten years, the pharmacist Johannes Wilhelm Weinmann (born 1683 in Regensburg) collected the entire botanical knowledge of the Baroque age, to create an more...

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