Gerhard Brandl

Fragen wird man ja noch dürfen! [You can ask, can't you?]

A gift book all about life

So go ahead – ask! It often takes courage, though. This book poses questions that concern every one of us, and tries to find answers. The 80 questions deal with subjects more...

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Constantin Gegenhuber

Gebaute Gebete [Built Prayers]

New Christian religious architecture in Austria

Austria is characterised by its church buildings. In town or country, it is always churches that, often over centuries, form the nucleus of a community. Landmark Gothic cathedral more...

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Peter Dinzelbacher

Köpfe und Masken [Heads and masks]

Symbolic architectural sculpture in mediæval churches

Looking round... In mediæval churches, you can often feel that you're being watched by head-shaped sculptures on the capitals. Together with stone masks, animals, sometimes more...

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Sonja Kübber

Mann und Frau auf dem Weg zur inneren Hochzeit [Man and woman on the way to inner marriage]

Series: Transformation

When a man and a woman enter a relationship, they wish to make it a success. Many marry, celebrating the occasion outwardly with a wedding reception. For psychoanalyst Sonja more...

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Silke Geppert

Mode unter dem Kreuz [Fashion under the Cross]

Communication through dress in the Christian cult

Haute couture in the Middle Ages. In mediaeval religious images dating from the mid-15th century, if not earlier, some saints are conspicuous by their highly fashionable garb. more...

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Christoph Lindenmeyer

Rebeller, Opfer, Siedler [Rebels, Victims, Settlers]

The Expulsion of Salzburg’s Protestants

From Salzburg to the New World More than 22,000 Protestant citizens of the Catholic Church State Salzburg were deprived of their native country by the Edict of Expulsion of more...

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