Franz Sieghartsleitner, Philipp Sieghartsleitner

Erlebnis Eisenwurzen [The Eisenwurzen Experience]

50 Hikes and Mountain Bike Tours

Wildly romantic nature experiences with charm The Eisenwurzen region is a unique cultural landscape that has developed over the course of time. The thriving iron industry has more...

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Herbert Gschwendtner

Erlebnis Großglockner Hochalpenstraße

Adventure Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Splendid prospects A road into the world of the 10,000-footers According to travel writers, nature-lovers and globetrotters, this is one of the most magnificent panoramic more...

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Albert Precht

Hochkönig [Hochkönig]

Albert Precht was one of the great rock-climbing pioneers. More than a thousand first ascents took him to places where no-one had set foot before. Shortly before his tragic more...

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Herbert Gschwendtner

Hüttenschmankerl [Delicacies in Mountain Huts]

Where the chamoises (wild mountain sheep) lay eggs

The author’s last book, “Almschmankerl. Wandern und genießen im Salzburger Land (Delicacies on Mountain Pastures. Hiking and Enjoying in the Province of Salzburg)” was in more...

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Petra Albenberger

Mein Alpe-Adria-Trail [My Alps-Adriatic-Trail]

Time out, not burn-out

In a world driven by speed and pressure to perform, more and more people are proving unable to cope with their living circumstances. The result is depression and burn-out. "How do more...

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Albert Precht

Nach oben. Nach oben. Nach oben. [Up. Up. Up.]

Key moments from a thousand first ascents

"Wonderful" is no exaggeration, when I think back over my experiences in the mountains, condensed into a thousand first ascents. Between departure and return home, there was always more...

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