Aber wir haben nur Worte, Worte, Worte [But we have only words, words, words]

Echoes of Mauthausen in literature

Publisher: Christian Angerer, Karl Schuber

"Every word is at once too little and too much. But we have only words, words, words. Never have words been put to such a test. And even if someone has to feel shame at every more...

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Hans Spatzenegger, Peter Mittermayr

Die Welt zu Gast in Salzburg [The whole world visits Salzburg]

Hans Christian Andersen found himself within an inch of turning back at the Austrian border because a punctilious customs officer suspected him of being a seditious element; he was more...

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Franz Braumann

Eine Heimat am See [A lakeland home]

Tales from seven decades

Publisher: Christoph Braumann

Franz Braumann (1910-2003), one of the most successful and best-known Salzburg writers of his day, was born into a farming family in the village of Huttich am Wallersee, among the more...

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Andreas Kumpf

Glück im Alter [Happiness in old age]

Interviews with 21 happy people aged between 65 and 95

Happiness is lasting ...? "Finding happiness in old age – and enjoying life". Sympathising with man's longing for happiness, psychologist Dr. Andreas Kumpf offers an more...

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Nina Stögmüller

Mein Raunächtetagebuch [My "Twelve Nights" diary]

A creative vademecum for the Twelve Holy Nights

Nina Stögmüller's latest book provides a logical complement to her "Raunächte erzählen" [Tales for the nights between Christmas and Twelfth Night]. She says: "My Twelve more...

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Edward Groeger, Walter Müller

Menschen – People [Menschen – People]

The Province of Salzburg

Publisher: SalzburgerLand Tourismus

Salzburg characters Over 500,000 people live in the Town and the Province of Salzburg. Munich photographer Edward Groeger portrays some very special individuals – their more...

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