Constantin Gegenhuber

Gebaute Gebete [Built Prayers]

New Christian religious architecture in Austria

Austria is characterised by its church buildings. In town or country, it is always churches that, often over centuries, form the nucleus of a community. Landmark Gothic cathedral or modest Romanesque church, expression of baroque claim to power or suburban centre of pastoral care – the sacred building occupies a place of its own in architecture.
The Christian church buildings in Austria reveal a differentiated understanding of God; transcendental space has functional consequences in architecture, and the various liturgical (re)forms give rise to demands, effects and counter-effects.

Dozens of churches were built between 1990 and 2011 – some showing exciting, inspired architecture, some short-lived and accepted by the public only with reservations. This detailed study describes and evaluates these churches, placing them in the context of Austrian and international religious architecture and providing copious illustrations, plans and a glossary.

The theoretical section discusses spatial theory and the concept of "sacred", as well as establishing the basics for understanding the specific requirements for sacred architecture.

"Built prayer" is at once lexicon and architecture handbook, perspicacious analysis of buildings and biographical survey of the architects and artists involved in planning and implementation. This takes the book far beyond a specialised interest in architecture, making it a guide to the soul and the transcendental spaces of the Austrian landscape.

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Pages 336
Illustrations plans and colour illustrations
Format 18 x 26 cm
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ISBN 978-3-7025-0632-2
Language German

Categories: Architecture | Religion & Philosophy