Europa neu denken III [Rethinking Europe]

The other side(s) of the sea

Publisher: Ilse Fischer,  Johannes Hahn

After the symposia in Trieste and Piran, the conference in Dubrovnik was the first to be dedicated to Professor Michael Fischer, founder of this series.

Consideration of the other side(s) of the sea touched on maritime metaphysics, at the same time taking a big step in the direction of the external borders of the European Union. Since ancient times, mankind has made a study of himself, of the sea, and questions of being and becoming. Did the sea have a beginning? Will it have an end? How does the salt get into the sea? Is the sea always beautiful? Fascination, fear of its elemental force – the sea leaves no-one unmoved.

Here, then, it is examined and explored in all its complexity – as a laboratory of culture and literature, as an agent of the emergence of human cultures, as historical and biological background to everyday culture. There is nothing that has no story to tell.

With articles by
Silvana Ballnat (Berlin/Skopje)
Alida Bremer (Münster/Split)
Rumsna Busarovska (Skopje)
Bruno Coric (Split)
Mirko Durovic (Kotor)
Ilse Fischer (Salzburg)
Johannes Hahn (Brussels)
Sven Hartberger (Vienna)
Nedzad Ibrahimovic (Tuzla/Podgorica)
Sasa Ilic (Belgrade)
Tvrtko Jakovina (Zagreb)
Hedwig Kainberger (Salzburg)
Vjera Katalinic (Zagreb)
Konstantinos Kosmas (Berlin)
Svetlana Krstulovic Sifner (Split)
Margarethe Lasinger (Austria)
Krsto Lazarevic (Berlin/Vienna/Belgrade)
Arian Leka (Tirana)
Gerard Mortier (1943–2014)
Jeton Neziraj (Priština)
Boris Podrecca (Vienna/Stuttgart/Venice)
Ivana Prijatelj Pavicic (Split)
Helga Rabl-Stadler (Salzburg)
Ilma Rakusa (Zurich)
Dieter Richter (Bremen)
Raimund Schulz (Bielefeld)
Gentian Shkurti (Tirana)
Jan Tabor (Vienna)
Ricarda Vidal (London)

Details zum Buch
Pages 320
Format 16,5 x 23 cm
Binding Stitched paperback
Price € 24,00
ISBN 978-3-7025-0846-3

Categories: History | Religion & Philosophy