Christoph Lindenmeyer

Rebeller, Opfer, Siedler (Taschenbuch) [Rebels, Victims, Settlers]

The Expulsion of Salzburg’s Protestants

From Salzburg to the New World

More than 22,000 Protestant citizens of the Catholic Church State Salzburg were deprived of their native country by the Edict of Expulsion of Salzburg’s Prince Archbishop Firmian in 1731. Only a small number of them agreed to resettle in America. Many groups of the former Salzburg citizens who were now stateless traveled through Germany. A huge amount of money was contributed to help the exiles and people greeted them with incredible hospitality. All of Europe was moved by their fate.
With the help of letters, diaries and other historical sources the book traces the journey of Salzburg’s exiled Protestants and shows how they built new lives in America. It required great personal sacrifice for them to establish their city “Eben-Ezer” on the Savannah River, where they found a permanent home.

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