Europa neu denken II [Rethinking Europe II]

A history of the mentality of the Adria – Curiosity and Conflict as a Trade Secret

Publisher: Johannes Hahn,  Michael Fischer

Creative regions – Europe’s strength

At the opening event of “Rethinking Europe” in Trieste in 2012 the relationship between region, innovation and culturality was discussed. In 2013 the focus was on the important role that regional expansion can play for European challenges in the areas of culture and social matters. 2014 is the year that stands for the beginning of the new Adriatic Ionic Macro-Region. The aim of its creation was to further develop the debate in a wider context. The specific cultural area of the Adria is elucidated, along with its historical inconsistency, its biosphere and its overabundance of cultural offerings. The current debate in the EU is dominated by economic considerations and crisis management, and not by fundamental analyses of present-day Europe. Europe needs to experience a retrogression of its contemporary culture if it is to be successful.

The eponymous symposium took place in Piran /Slovenia in October 2014. Michael Fischer elaborated the idea and conception on which it was based. It was the last program he conceived before his death.

Contributions by inter alia:
Giorgio Brianese (Venice)
Sergio Dolce (Trieste)
Marko Dinic (Salzburg)
Ingrid Hentschel (Hannover)
Franco Juri (Piran)
Mirt Komel (Ljubljana)
Henning Ottmann (Munich)
Claudio Magris (Trieste)
Giulio Mellinato (Milan)
Uwe Rada (Berlin)
Philipp Ther (Vienna)
Friederike Wissmann (Vienna/Berlin)

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Pages 320
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ISBN 978-3-7025-0785-5
Language German

Categories: History | Religion & Philosophy