Peter Dinzelbacher

Köpfe und Masken [Heads and masks]

Symbolic architectural sculpture in mediæval churches

Looking round...

In mediæval churches, you can often feel that you're being watched by head-shaped sculptures on the capitals. Together with stone masks, animals, sometimes even monsters, plants and geometrical figures, they reveal much about the religious ideas of an epoch that still holds a mysterious fascination for us.

With some 200 illustrations, this volume shows for the first time the abundance of these objects, which have been largely neglected in art history – not only in the Province of Salzburg, but also in neighbouring Bavaria. Since these head sculptures and motifs are found throughout Europe, comparisons with instances from other regions are frequently provided. The book deals with both the formal creation of the stone masks and faces in Romanesque and Gothic churches, and the psychology of their effect.

The wealth of examples permits an exhaustive discussion of these interpretations, enabling profound insights into the fascinating religious mentality of the Middle Ages.

With photographs by Eva-Maria Mratzek

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Pages 192
Illustrations 200 b/w illustrations
Format 11,5 x 18 cm
Binding Stitched paperback
Price € 22,00
ISBN 978-3-7025-0741-1
Language German

Categories: Architecture | History | Religion & Philosophy