Gerhard Brandl

Fragen wird man ja noch dürfen! [You can ask, can't you?]

A gift book all about life

So go ahead – ask! It often takes courage, though. This book poses questions that concern every one of us, and tries to find answers.
The 80 questions deal with subjects including love, growing old, sexuality, trust, insensitivity, disappointment, stress, wellness and many more. About trust, for instance, Brandl says: "The trust we put in others is actually trust in ourselves."

Gerhard bases his book on common sense, rejection of slavish dependence on "expert opinion", and compassion and respect for all living things. The information under each of the head-words does not consist simply of dry facts or obvious truths, but aims to motivate people to live their lives in a satisfying way, and leaves space in the margins for the reader to note comments and ideas.
?Retired psychotherapist Gerhard Brandl brings to bear many years of experience with diverse problems and questions concerning many different aspects of life.

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Details zum Buch
Pages 176
Illustrations colour illustrations throughout
Format 21 x 21 cm
Binding Perfect Paperback
Price € 14,95
ISBN 978-3-7025-0653-7
Language German

Categories: Religion & Philosophy