Sonja Kübber

Mann und Frau auf dem Weg zur inneren Hochzeit [Man and woman on the way to inner marriage]

Series: Transformation

When a man and a woman enter a relationship, they wish to make it a success. Many marry, celebrating the occasion outwardly with a wedding reception. For psychoanalyst Sonja Kübber, however, this is merely the beginning of the way to the "inner marriage". This mystery between two people – common to all high cultures and religions – has been largely forgotten. Those wishing to experience it must confront their own history. The demons of the past, which manifest themselves in the course of the relationship, have to be recognised: they hold the coded tasks for each partner. From this point of view, the choice of partner no longer seems arbitrary, but rather proves to be the precise image of steps to be taken towards development.
If these steps are taken in an atmosphere of trust and confidence, the emotional burdens of the past gradually lose their power, giving way to a love free of neediness. Then a person can begin to find inner peace – and only then is he truly capable of loving, opening the way for the "inner marriage" – the greatest possible unity in healthy separateness – first as a dream, then in reality.
This eclectic, taboo-breaking study by the Munich-based couples therapist combines depth psychology and spiritual knowledge to provide a path of development for couples.

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Pages 232
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