Johannes Neuhardt

Es klingt der Stein [Sounding stone]

Exploring the spiritual heart of Salzburg with Jürgen Flimm, Friedrich Kurrent, Olga Neuwirth, Hans Schabus, Heinrich Schmidinger and Peter Simonischek
Where Nature turns into spirit, spirit into stone – thus Hermann Bahr famously described Salzburg. The baroque ensemble of churches and palaces earned Salzburg the epithet "Rome of the North", since eminent visitors found the town reminiscent of the spiritual centre of Christian Catholicism. What does this mean to us today? What is this spirit. Where does it dwell?
This book attempts to explore the spiritual heart of Salzburg by means of a series of conversations. Its ideally suited spiritus rector, Johannes Neuhardt, is a native of Salzburg, dean of the Cathedral, art historian and polymath. In his eloquent "journey to the interior" he is joined by distinguished contemporaries who have experienced Salzburg's exceptional atmosphere – whether the interior of the Collegiate Church for architect Friedrich Kurrent, the overwhelming sound of the bells for stage director Jürgen Flimm, or the Cathedral Square for actor Peter Simonischek. The reader follows Johannes Neuhardt and his interlocutors from the worlds of literature, theatre, music, architecture and sciences through fascinating, interweaving paths – to arrive at the conclusion: the dwelling-place of the spirit is discourse.

With a preface by Peter Handke

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