Joseph H. H. Weiler

Ein christliches Europa [A Christian Europe]


"A Christian Europe" – the title is provocative. Has not the draft constitution of the European Convention hitherto failed to consider good secular arguments pertaining to God and Christianity? Reference to the legacy of the humanist Enlightenment is intended to guarantee that believers and non-believers, Christians and non-Christians alike, shall feel respected. As an American Jew with a twofold view from outside, European Community lawyer Joseph H. H. Weiler diagnoses a "Christophobia" behind the constitutional argumentation – a denial of its predominantly Christian history. On the other hand, precisely in the reversion to this major spiritual tradition, he sees the opportunity for the idea of European integration to avoid degenerating in "the distorting effect of communal governance, depersonalisation of the market and commercialisation of values", as Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde puts it in his preface.

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Pages 168
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Categories: Religion & Philosophy