Aber wir haben nur Worte, Worte, Worte [But we have only words, words, words]

Echoes of Mauthausen in literature

Publisher: Christian Angerer, Karl Schuber

"Every word is at once too little and too much. But we have only words, words, words. Never have words been put to such a test. And even if someone has to feel shame at every more...

Categories: History  | Fiction 

Georg Thiel, Florian Baranyi

Alle tot [All dead]

The 20th century in 101 obituaries

In 101 obituaries, Alle tot follows, year by year, death by death, the history of great minds, small-time rogues, heroic gangsters, actresses too charming to live, and rulers who more...

Categories: History 

Daniela Müller, Susanne Trettenbrein

Alles Dirndl [All dirndl]

Simply sexy, simply beautiful

The dirndl has many facets: sometimes classic, sometimes sexy and seductive. It can be wild and rebellious, but also tame and conservative. It has been misused in politics, has more...

Categories: History  | Austria 

Walter Mooslechner

Almsommer [Summer on the mountain pastures]

The author, a native of Grossarl, is thoroughly familiar with Salzburg folk culture and its history, and has collected much hitherto unpublished material. Here he talks about the more...

Categories: History  | Austria 

Anthony Alofsin

Architektur beim Wort nehmen [Taking architecture at its word]

The language of architecture in the Habsburg Empire and its successor states

"Taking architecture at its word" examines the varied but under-rated architecture of the latter period of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and its successor states. Anthony Alofsin more...

Categories: Architecture  | History 

Johann Josef Böker

Architektur der Gotik/Gothic Architecture [Gothic Architecture]

Catalogue of the world-largest collection of gothic architectural drawings in the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Standing speechless with admiration before the marvel of a Gothic cathedral, do we not wonder at the achievements of the great master builders and the late mediaeval stonemasons' more...

Categories: Architecture  | History