Herbert Gschwendtner

Hüttenschmankerl [Delicacies in Mountain Huts]

Where the chamoises (wild mountain sheep) lay eggs

The author’s last book, “Almschmankerl. Wandern und genießen im Salzburger Land (Delicacies on Mountain Pastures. Hiking and Enjoying in the Province of Salzburg)” was in great demand. That is why Herbert Gschwendner decided to write another book of the same kind, featuring hearty fare. As the former host of a mountain hut he is familiar with the worries and hardships, but also the joys, of a mountain summer.

This book primarily features trails that lead to mountain huts and inns, as well as to touristic Alpine huts. Of course, the focus is on the scenic splendor, the life of the hut proprietors and the delicious delicacies. Herbert Gschwendtner does not confine himself to the mountains of Salzburg, but allows himself (culinary) escapades to the neighboring regions. He invites us to try Bavarian steamed dumplings (Bayerische Dampfnudeln) and Carinthian pound cake. We are curious about some dishes with odd names: “Schottsuppe” (Scottish soup - white cheese and bread soup), “Gamseier” ( chamois eggs - eggs and schnitzel in a potato nest) and “Alpine meadow grasshoppers” (fried donut balls with rum).

The author adds a humorous touch - a little amusing verse for each of the huts:

Coffee rain showers
And croissant snow.
Please Lord, let that storm go
On for hours!

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Details zum Buch
Pages 160
Illustrations colour illustrations throughout
Format 21 x 24 cm
Binding Hardback
Price € 25,00
ISBN 978-3-7025-0775-6
Language German

Categories: Austria | Recreation & Hiking | Food