Daniela Müller,  Susanne Trettenbrein

Alles Dirndl [All dirndl]

Simply sexy, simply beautiful

The dirndl has many facets: sometimes classic, sometimes sexy and seductive. It can be wild and rebellious, but also tame and conservative. It has been misused in politics, has featured in sleazy films, and is a recurrent theme in the battle of the sexes. The dirndl has always reflected contemporary society as well as being part of Austria's chequered history. Moreover, every woman looks good a dirndl – it shows much and conceals enough. It can be combined in many ways, but also achieves the desired effect without decorative accessories. It looks back on a long tradition and is nevertheless up to date. No other dress exerts quite such a fascination ...

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Pages 160
Format 21 x 24 cm
Binding Hardcover
Price € 25,00
ISBN 978-3-7025-0693-3
Language German

Categories: History | Austria