Thomas Neuhold

100 Tagesrundtouren [100 one-day round-trip hikes]

Ascent – descent on different paths

After a rest at the summit comes the descent, but – just going down the way you came up? Not so interesting, thinks Thomas Neuhold, Salzburg journalist and Alpinist. "The descent is more exciting if it takes a different path."
Neuhold describes 100 routes varying in difficulty and demanding minimum logistics – that is, without the need for a second car or public transport. These trips are all manageable in one day, so no overnight stays have to be planned. The author, who knows his way around the Salzburg Alpine landscape, gives lots of useful additional tips. His suggestions for round trips include all the mountain ranges, from the Alpine foothills in the north to the Nockberge and the High Tauern in the south, from the Wilder Kaiser and the Grasberge in the west to the Low Tauern and the Dachstein in the east.

The 100 best round-trip hikes in Salzburg and surroundings, all in one top-quality guide.

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