Inez Florschütz,  Winfried Nerdinger

Architektur der Wunderkinder [Architecture by the young prodigies]

Radical change and repression in Bavaria, 1945-1960

The title alludes to the satirical film Wir Wunderkinder [Aren't We wonderful?] (Germany, 1958), which deals with the fundamental dichotomy within post-war Germany, invoking "zero-hour" in all spheres of life – in contrast to the continuity from the National Socialist era to the "economic miracle" of the German Federal Republic. The development from new beginning to comprehensive reconstruction is perhaps most vividly illustrated in the field of architecture. For the present authors, this was the occasion, as well as a challenge, to present – taking the example of Bavaria – architectural reconstruction between modernisation and restoration, between radical change and repression, taking into account the political and social context.
The examples range from a programmatic modernism (architects including Sep Ruf, Hans Maurer and Werner Wirsing) to the conservative architecture of Paul Schmitthenner or Roderich Fick, from exciting new buildings to many reconstructions, most of which are no longer recognised as works of the 1950s.

Over 200 selected examples of plans and buildings, everyday cultural objects and detailed portraits of architects give a many-faceted picture of a fascinating era.

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Pages 360 Seiten
Illustrations 562 colour and b/w illustrations
Format 24 x 31 cm
Binding Cloth binding with dustcover
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ISBN 978-3-7025-0505-9
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Categories: Architecture | History