Almanach der Architektur [Almanac of Architecture]

A hundred Classic Buildings

Publisher: Boris Podrecca

The Almanac of Architecture is the result of a comprehensive research project by Boris Podrecca and his team at the University of Stuttgart. The book shows 100 outstanding buildings of ages ranging from ancient times to the present, including many examples of anonymous architecture. The buildings are arranged not in chronological order, but according to spatial analyses – typologies such as Central Space, Longitudinal Space, Addition of Space, Core and Shell, Light, Frame, Free Form and Spatial Theses. Superlative analytical drawings, accompanied by photographs and short texts in German and English, present classic buildings as a journey to the centre of architecture.

Available for all other languages.

Details zum Buch
Pages 340 Seiten
Illustrations copious b/w illustrations and plans
Format 18 x 26 cm
Binding Hardback
Price € 29,95
ISBN 978-3-7025-0444-1
Language German/English

Categories: Architecture