Thomas Winkler

Austria’s finest City Squares [Austria’s finest City Squares]

The city's living-room.

As ever, it is in the central square that a city's heart beats. In the Middle Ages, the market held here was the nucleus and the mainspring for the development of the city. It was the political and economic centre, the focus of the bustle of urban life. All across the continent there are fantastic squares, each contributing to the unique character of its city. This volume illustrates vividly that Austria need have no fear of international competition. It presents a choice selection of splendid city squares, taking their various features to explain essential political, social, economic and artistic aspects of historical urban development.
The book illustrates impressively the broad spectrum of urban design to be found in Austria, ranging from romantic idyll through bourgeois elegance to princely splendour.

German edition: "Die schönsten Stadtplätze Österreichs" 978-3-7025-0783-1

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