Bodo Hell,  Peter M. Kubelka,  Walter Seitter,  Elsbeth Wallnöfer

Untersberg [Untersberg]

Tales, tours and tracks

The emperor IN the Untersberg, ten pastures ON the Untersberg, smuggling green coffee beans OVER the Untersberg, Blessed Virgin pilgrimages ROUND the Untersberg, and even a murder – Salzburg's local mountain is rich in history and legend. A dense net of fantasy, of real places and unreal non-places surrounds the chalk massif, and the tracks may lead into impenetrable terrain or places shrouded in mystery. Writer Bodo Hell, philosopher Walter Seitter and folklorist Elsbeth Wallnöfer follow the trail of legends, images and manuscripts, aiming to do justice to the mountain's philosophy.
The well-known Viennese photographer Peter M. Kubelka transforms the mysteries into strange and wonderful pictures.

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Pages 160
Illustrations colour plates and photographs
Format 21 x 24 cm
Binding Hardcover
Price € 25,00
ISBN 978-3-7025-0669-8
Language English

Categories: Austria | Religion & Philosophy