Friedrich Kurrent

Texte zur Architektur [Texts on Architecture]

Publisher: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Architektur

Friedrich Kurrent (b 1931) is not only one of those who rediscovered and "rescued" modern architecture in Austria (Wittgenstein's house, Semper Depot, the historic suburb of Spittelberg, etc.), but also a leading expert on buildings by Otto Wagner, Adolf Loos, Josef Hoffmannn and Josef Frank. In his later writings, too, Kurrent demonstrated the critical eye of a professional, deploring all the fashionable clichés and commenting with irony and penetration on building in Vienna and Munich (the two cities where he worked).

The texts, arranged by topic, are supplemented with photographs, sketches and drawings, (mainly by Friedrich Kurrent), and a commented bibliography placing the writings in context and making their origins clear.
The first volume – a monograph entitled Einige Häuser, Kirchen und dergleichen [A few houses, churches and the like] – of a planned trilogy appeared in 2001. This second volume, consisting of analyses, commentaries, polemics, lectures and essays, provides an authentic, serious yet humorous documentation of an independent thinker. It was published to mark his 75th birthday.

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