Günther Haderer,  Ernst Kaufmann

Sündig Süß [Sinfully sweet]

Secrets from Monastery Kitchens

In monasteries and abbeys, life has always had its sweet side – just like the cuisine. Fasting rules were often circumvented in the most ingenious ways. This book does not discuss whether sins were committed in the monastery, but rather the "sweet sins" that have always emerged from monastery kitchens. Ernst Kaufmann and Günther Haderer have unearthed ancient manuscripts in abbeys and monasteries, revealing some old baking secrets – elaborate traditional recipes for "sinful" sweets using butter, sugar and distinctive spices. Quantities have been adapted to modern cooking. Just succumb to the temptation of plum strudel, quark dumplings or chestnut pudding and indulge guiltlessly in the "sweet sins".

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Pages 168
Format 21 x 21 cm
Binding Hardcover
Price € 14,95
ISBN 978-3-7025-0720-6
Language German

Categories: Food