Rita Kichler,  Helmut Reiner

Roggen und Schwarzbrot [Rye and black bread]

grow • mill • bake • enjoy

There's an art to bread-baking.

Who can resist the delicious aroma of warm rye bread? In gourmet culture, rye – the basic ingredient of farmhouse and black bread – is coming back into its own. In an age when speed, of both production and consumption, has reached an inglorious peak, Austria fortunately still has an excellent network of growers, millers and bakers who preserve traditional methods, hand them down and do their very best to maintain the high quality of this staple food.

The basic ingredient is natural leaven, or sour-dough, which gives black bread its characteristic flavour. The oven also has a decisive influence on the quality; ancient ovens are being resurrected and put back into use. The best bread is baked in a wood-fired oven.

Rita Kichler and Helmut Reiner write informatively about the history of rye, the different kinds, how it is grown, the plant itself and its preparation. 20 recipes are provided, together with suggestions for combining bread with other foods in order to achieve a balanced diet.

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Pages 192
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