Österreichische Architektur der Fünfziger Jahre [Austrian architecture of the 1950s]

Photographed by Stefan Oláh

Publisher: Stefan Oláh

Whether appreciated and cared for, unrecognised and altered, or disused and therefore pulled down – those 1950s buildings which deserve to be protected meet with public indifference or scant attention, and are treated accordingly. Stefan Oláh portrays '50s buildings which are in the balance between preservation and renovation. Their gradual disappearance from the townscape prompted him to take a closer look, with sharpened perception. With an unsentimental, professional eye, he shows selected buildings from Austria. The photographs are accompanied by insightful essays and an interview.
This book is an plea to acknowledge 1950s architecture without bias, as a symbolic contribution to our cultural history.

Details zum Buch
Pages 176
Illustrations colour illustrations
Format 28 x 23,5 cm
Binding Harcover with dust jacket
Price € 19,95
ISBN 978-3-7025-0649-0
Language German

Categories: Architecture