Silke Geppert

Mode unter dem Kreuz [Fashion under the Cross]

Communication through dress in the Christian cult

Haute couture in the Middle Ages.

In mediaeval religious images dating from the mid-15th century, if not earlier, some saints are conspicuous by their highly fashionable garb. Never before had Mary Magdalene or Joseph of Arimathea been depicted in such extravagantly fashionable dress in the dramatic scene of commiseration before the Cross, as in, say, the representation by the Flemish master Rogier van der Weyden. In their grief, these two seem closer to the viewer and to the man who commissioned the painting than Mary, mother of Christ, John the Apostle or even Christ himself – simply because they are shown in contemporary dress.
Dress has always served us partly as a means of communication. It consists of signs and dress-codes which indicate the wearer's gender, social status and profession. Strict dress-codes regulated who should wear what, and what was not acceptable. In the Middle Ages, this was an important social tool for the aristocracy to distinguish themselves from their subjects.
This book deals with the connection between contemporary fashion and the garb of the saints in 14th- and 15th-century representations. Special attention is paid to the rendering of the fashionable dresses worn by the rich and beautiful patrician lady from Magdala – Mary Magdalene.

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