Andreas Kumpf

Glück im Alter [Happiness in old age]

Interviews with 21 happy people aged between 65 and 95

Happiness is lasting ...?
"Finding happiness in old age – and enjoying life". Sympathising with man's longing for happiness, psychologist Dr. Andreas Kumpf offers an entertaining, thought-provoking insight into a novel project. In his search for the essence of happiness in old age, he interviewed 21 happy people aged between 65 and 95. The outcome of these conversations allows the reader to share in some surprising and touching experiences.
The life-stories described here go straight to the heart and make us consider our own life and happiness. These are not simply "tales", however – they document a historical period. Despite all the differences between the people portrayed here, the essence of happiness runs like a thread through their lives. The stories are illustrated with deeply expressive portraits taken by two young photographers, Carina Hinterberger and Sebastian Freiler, who enable us to follow the everyday lives of these cheerful senior citizens.
This book gives the feeling that we can look forward with confidence to growing old, for happiness in old age is simpler and more profound than is commonly imagined.

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Pages 160
Illustrations large b/w photos
Format 23 x 28 cm
Binding Harcover with dust jacket
Price € 25,00
ISBN 978-3-7025-0668-1
Language German

Categories: Fiction