Peter Mittermayr,  Hans Spatzenegger

Die Welt zu Gast in Salzburg [The whole world visits Salzburg]

Hans Christian Andersen found himself within an inch of turning back at the Austrian border because a punctilious customs officer suspected him of being a seditious element; he was compensated by the sight of the Golling waterfall. As War Commissar under Napoleon, Stendhal had no problems entering the country, and his visit was well worthwhile; his discovery in the Hallein salt-mines of a branch covered with salt crystals had far-reaching consequences for his work. Einstein made his first public appearance lecturing on relativity theory in the St. Andrä school, and Friedensreich Hundertwasser held meetings and press conferences in the Steinlechner restaurant, in the corner named after him. Jean Améry ended his life in the Österreichischer Hof Hotel.

Episodes and intermezzi, beginnings and endings – writers, philosophers, composers, painters, artists, doctors and physicists had a wide variety of experiences on their visits to Salzburg. It was always a minor incident or a major event there that proved a defining influence on their work and on posterity. Peter Mittermayr and Hans Spatzenegger followed hard on the heels of 36 world-famous visitors to Salzburg, recording little-known and newly-discovered episodes. Their investigations were based on the unwritten 19th- and 20th-century "canon of VIPs worldwide". Informative and entertaining, this book offers a refreshing, unbiased view of the town where Mozart was born.

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