Constructive Provocation

Contemporary Architecture in Vorarlberg

Herausgeber: Vorarlberger Architekturinstitut (ed.)

Within the context of an exhibition cycle entitled "Experimental Architectures in Europa" the Institut francais d'architecture (IFA), in conjunction with the Vorarlberger Architekturinsitut (vai), presents the contemporary architecture of Vorarlberg as well as the movement of the "Baukünstler", which provided its basis. The architecture scene in Vorarlberg today reveals a landscape composed of dense areas of experiment with certain outstanding projects, it offers urban proposals but also an "everyday architecture" of a disarming quality that provides evidence of architects' involvement in the problems and needs of the society in which they live.

Texts by: Ignacio Martínez, Nora Vorderwinkler, Wolfgang Ritsch, Marie-Hélène Contal, Nikolaus Walter, Otto Kapfinger

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