Vladimir Vukovic

Bogdan Bogdanovic [Bogdan Bogdanovic]

His literary work

Having grown up in an intellectual family, Bogdan Bogdanovi? soon encountered the active group of Belgrade surrealists, including Milutin Doroslovac (better known as Milo Dor). This experience was to shape his entire œuvre. "We wrote manifestos, and translated Breton and short texts by Freud and Wilhelm Reich", Bogdanovi? remembers. Vladimir Vukovi? introduces the literary work of this great architect and urbanologist, making his early writings (hitherto available in Serbian only) accessible to the German-speaking reader. The author takes us into Bogdanovi?'s spiritual and intellectual world, offering profound insights into the political mood of former Yugoslavia. He describes Bogdanovi?'s period as mayor of Belgrade, his conflict with Slobodan Miloševi?, the collapse of the multi-ethnic state and finally, how he fled to Vienna. The book contains many photographs of the monuments built by Bogdanovi?, and explains how these are linked with his writings.

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