Clemens M. Hutter

Augen auf! [Open your Eyes!]

A Guide for Curious People

Letting your eyes take a walk.

Castles, churches, posters, new buildings or structures – these are readily perceived. The hasty glance also takes in numerous small objects, but the brain does not make us conscious of them. That’s a shame, because we miss many small “eureka experiences”. If you do not know what to look for, you do not see anything.

The routes we follow every day are lined by many unspectacular cultural objects that tell us personal stories and, taken altogether, constitute our history: small monuments, pictures on doors and the walls of houses, inscriptions, guild signs, sayings and aphorisms, Marian and Holy Trinity columns, plaques that commemorate persons or catastrophes. Objects reflecting opulence next to humble ones, various kinds of fences, ornamental forms from different centuries, artisanal masterworks of blacksmiths and carpenters.

Every future has its past. If we know our origin, we can understand present-day occurrences and put them in the proper context. We can also vaguely make out signs of the future. Letting one’s eyes take a walk means tracking back the past. It gives you stimulating things to think about.

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