Florian Baranyi,  Georg Thiel

Alle tot [All dead]

The 20th century in 101 obituaries

In 101 obituaries, Alle tot follows, year by year, death by death, the history of great minds, small-time rogues, heroic gangsters, actresses too charming to live, and rulers who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The necrology is one of the oldest of all literary forms. In the ancient world the dead were honoured with obituaries, in an attempt to counter the inexorable power of transience. It is no different in the 20th century, when wars, political extremes and technological revolutions have taken deep root in the biographies of the protagonists. At times swept to dizzy heights, at others crushed by remorseless fate, the century left its mark on them – just as they left their mark on the century, enriching – or at least enlivening – it through their genius, temerity, wit, extravagance, decadence, unscrupulousness, prodigality or religious mania.

Texts about Alois Alzheimer, Frida Kahlo, Therese Neumann, Joan Vollmer, Mark Twain, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Oscar Wilde...

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