Aber wir haben nur Worte, Worte, Worte [But we have only words, words, words]

Echoes of Mauthausen in literature

Publisher: Christian Angerer,  Karl Schuber

"Every word is at once too little and too much. But we have only words, words, words. Never have words been put to such a test. And even if someone has to feel shame at every word, words are still all he has, to ask forgiveness."

Thus the Austrian writer Michael Köhlmeier, on the occasion of the most recent commemoration in the former concentration camp Mauthausen. This contrasts with Adorno's declaration (later retracted) that writing a poem, after Ausschwitz, is barbarity. Christian Angerer and Karl Schuber see literary texts in their function as historical testimonies which increase in importance as the surviving witnesses become fewer. Karl Schuber's photographs show the Mauthausen-Gusen memorial sites, the dimensions of the camp, scenes then and now, the layout of the exhibition, the monuments and the whole complex. The book uses words to implant in our cultural memory the sting that is Mauthausen.

Texts by Erich Hackl, Franz Innerhofer, Christoph Janacs, Eugenie Kain, Michael Köhlmeier, Elisabeth Reichart, Julian Schutting, Vladimir Vertlib and others. With photographs by Karl Schuber

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Pages 424 Seiten
Illustrations copious duplex illustrations
Format 12,6 x 19 cm
Binding Harcover with dust jacket
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ISBN 978-3-7025-0565-3
Language German

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